About us

Tetaris is an EdTech learning platform where we connect the best tutors and teachers with students for specialised learning and academic improvement. Through our large network of highly qualified tutors in a wide range of subjects, we provide personalized services by determining individual learning styles.

We are focusing on linking learners with qualified tutors in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subject areas in Primary Schools, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools in Nigeria. Our service offering also includes online training and Personal/Home tutoring packages for professional exam preparations including: ICAN, IELTS, TOEFL. Our goal is to make academic learning more dynamic and effective by providing an educational technology platform where learners can have access to the best qualified tutors in various subjects or learning areas.  

Tetaris gives you the academic edge to compete and win in the global space.

Every of our one-on-one tutorial engagement is suitably designed to meet the individual need of each learner, because we recognise that no two learners are the same. We continually improve, so we can always provide our clients with very engaging teaching procedures


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High School Tutor Sitting At Desk With Male Student In Biology Class


We assess and provide you the most qualified tutors, properly matched against the highest standards for quality in each subject. We also verify their IDs, facilitate background checks and continuously evaluate tutor-performance so that you can always be confident of learning from the very best.

Tetaris provide you with a flexible option of profiling and selecting tutors in your specific learning area of interest, including choosing the time schedule suitable for you.